Adel called Justice

Martial Arts Federation of Islamic Republic


Kickboxing style IKN Islamic Republic of Iran


“Objectives, policy style”


Promotion of qualitative and quantitative members and students covered by the purposes and policies of cultural, sports Islamic Republic
Creating a spirit of solidarity between all styles of rims, especially Kickboxing
Participation in official competitions (tournament – Asian and global) coordination with
Create the spirit of sport, trends and development of horse breeding, with the spirit of heroic
Upgrade the technical level and enhance the quality and efficiency of members and students to coordinate with the sports world
Ahtraz entry to the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran in international arenas


Ally with the same styles and moves in a single direction
Competitions in Tehran, state and country as well as internationally
The regularity of the promotion period (Judges, coaching and belt in Iran and international)
Raising the scientific level of ethical sporting and cultural activities of members covered through sport
Launch specific style on the World Wide Web
Was established martial arts schools even for free at schools and universities
The classes are identified and coordinated across the country and introduced as chain classes
Confirm the internal news style, on issues to raise athlete awareness

Of the Statute

Article one: (style name)

IKN IKN kickboxing style communication with WHO and the US WKL

Article II (center style)

IKN IKN kickboxing style in Iran and the United Arab Emirates and WKL

Article three: (degrees belt promotion)

۱ – Belt White 2 – Yellow Belt 3 – orange belt 4 – 5 green belt – blue belt
۶ – ۷ brown belt – Black Belt 8th – 9th Fighter Belt – red and white belt
۱۰ – Red Belt

Article IV: (Clothing students)

Training clothes: short-sleeved shirt to practice with students with pants and belt style is combined with the logo (white color with light logo)

Dress competition: To participate in the tournament must (shorts) with the logo style

Clothes and logo: Black Belt for up suit with a special logo on chest and Typing your full name on the back of light (white color with ribbon and red line)

Article Five: (belt)

Last belt with written from white belt to black belt up English name of the organization and would like to Lamtdan Laymdan karate is characterized by red.

Article Six: (the official language style)

Language English style and names due to cooperation with international organizations and establish a policy with those of the mother is English.

Article Seven: (respect)

In this respect Word styles (or ace)

Article Eight: (Tournament)

A: Low kick (b) Fvlkntakt c: Tai kickboxing D: Grappling toxic e bellow and: contact light of: Musical Form